Heart attack is a lifestyle disease that claims one life every 36 seconds in America. People are literally dropping dead because of their hearts.

The people that you least expect die from this deadly disease. Healthy, and oh-so-active people aka the health nuts are becoming prey to this disease.

If the people who live cautiously and follow every rule in the book are susceptible to this disease then what about the normal joe who enjoys sloppy joe now and then.

How are normal people going to keep their hearts fit?
What do you need to eat for a healthy heart?
How are you going to protect your heart from falling a victim to your lifestyle?

Here are three dietary rules that you must adopt for a healthier heart

Add this Drink To Your Diet To Reverse Heart Damage

Kefir has been gaining popularity n the last decade or so. It is a fermented food that is made by adding kefir grains to the milk.

It is a milk-like fermented drink that you can make at home with just two easy ingredients.

2019 research did a clinical trial on 48 participants. They divided the participants into two groups and did a parallel study in which, one group received kafir every day and the other received unfermented milk every day for 12 weeks.

The results were astounding. The study concluded that participants who drank kafir saw decreased blood pressure, lower fasting sugar, and decreased level of bad cholesterol(LDL) and the female participants reported higher levels of good cholesterol(HDL) after this experiment.

The study authors write: “Kefir also reduced the risk of cardiovascular events for the next ten years.”

It is crazy that consuming kafir for mere 12 weeks can improve your heart health for the next decade. But it is been proven that this low in lactose fermented milk drink can make your heart stronger by improving not one but many factors that cause a threat of heart attack.

Eat This Plant-Based Protein Source


You can’t get a healthy heart just by cutting out trans fats from your diet. What is on your plate is even more important than what isn’t.

The right foods can help you elongate your life by protecting your heart. So keeping your diet clean is not enough, you need to pay more attention to what is on your plate.

study published in Archives of Internal Medicine studied the diet of 9632 men and women for over 19 years and concluded that participants who consumed legumes 4 times or more per week had a 22%lower risk of coronary heart disease(CHD) compared to those who only had legumes once per week.

Frequent legume consumption also decreased the risk of coronary vascular disease(CVD) by 11%.

A few nutritious beans that have been proven to boost heart health are

  • Chickpeas:- This study proves that a chickpea diet followed for mere 5 weeks can help you reduce LDL Cholestrol and Total cholesterol.
  • Soya Beans:- This Meta-Analysis of 38 trials concluded that consumption of soy protein instead of animal protein can help in reducing LDL Cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Peanuts:- These legumes have disguised themselves as a nut forever. This 2016 study concluded regular peanut consumption reduces the triglycerides levels which lead to decreased CVD risk.

Make sure to fill your plate with this plant-based food for better heart health. You can add legumes to soups, wraps, salads, and dips.

Beware Coffee Drinkers


No coffee is not bad for you, so you don’t need to give up your daily cup of joy. You just need to tweak your orders to avoid unhealthy caffeine drinks.

Coffee has a highly potent cholesterol-elevating compound called the cafestol. Research proves that this compound can affect the heart by raising bad cholesterol(LDL)and can also harm the liver.

Unfiltered brews with tiny coffee granules are the ones to look out for. You should avoid brews like a french press, Turkish, and greek coffees.

Cafestol can also be found in the expresso drinks including the fan-favorite cappuccino and lattes.

“The worst drink for heart health are sweet Frappuccino drinks,” says Heidi Moretti, RD, resident nutritional advisor to Sovereign Laboratories.

The easy way to avoid the heart-damaging effects of cafestol is by getting an old-fashioned coffee maker, as the filtered coffee has a little to zero cafestol in it.

Another filtered coffee that you can try is — instant coffee.

Another thing to remember is coffee consumption. Six cups or more can increase the lipid profile in the blood and can put you at a higher risk of CVD.

So, drink coffee but with caution.


Fitness addicts who are fueled by their passion for health are dying at a young age from heart attacks. They follow all the rules and yet their bodies betray them.

It is never too early to get on the health wagon, a good diet and an exercise routine can elongate your life and keep your heart healthy. So, make these dietary changes today for a better tomorrow.